Organizational structure

The Théodore Gouvy Society, based in Dresden, is registered as a friendly society (gemeinnütziger Verein). It is chaired by Mr. Vincent Borrits, who is also musical director and designated pianist for most of the concerts. Moreover, there are plans to hire a cultural manager for the organization and marketing of the concerts. Assignments and orders of the Society will be awarded exclusively to freelancers.

The award of further contracts will be decided by the board according to the given artistic and financial circumstances. In order to make Franco-German music accessible to as many as possible, the Society strives to cooperate with different partners.

The company sees itself, in this case, as the umbrella organisation under which a lively Franco-German cultural exchange can take place. The first contact with potential partners, such as the Institut Gouvy in Hombourg-haut, has already been made.

Other institutions, clubs and organizations are welcome to participate in our cross-border cultural work.

Artistic structure

The following staff will be provided for the presentation of extensive concert repertoire:
• an artistic director
• a chamber choir of about 24 singers and
• an ensemble of 2 to 4 professional singers (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor and baritone) and 2 to 4 instrumentalists (2 violinists, 1 viola and 1 cello).

Additional artists will be invited by the Society as need be.