The society is on file under the registration number VR 5106 at Amtsgericht Dresden, registered on 25/05/2009.

Address of the organization:

Glasewaldtstraße 46
D-01277 Dresden

Tax ID number:

201/143/04280 k6

Bank account:
BIC: OSDDDE81XXX (Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden) 
IBAN: DE71 8505 0300 3200 0631 64
Phone number:
+49 (351) 31 29 548

E-mail address:


Vincent Borrits: Chairman, conductor, choir director and pianist.
Holger Knaak: Vice chairman, historian and musicologist

Other members:

Klaus Ritzkowski, music management
Isabell Hofmeister, member of the V.S.B.I. (Verband Sächsischer Bildungsinstitute) Leipzig
Björn Thomsen, lawyer
Prof. Alexander Karmann, Prof. Dean in the Economic Faculty of the University of Dresden